Hot Katrina Kaif opts for a quiet birthday this year!

It’s actor Katrina Kaif’s birthday today, but seems like the recent terror attacks in the city have put a dampener on her plans to party. Though the actor still maintains that she’s no party animal, she does admit that it’s a good excuse to get together with family and friends. “That’s what I like. It’s fun to let your hair down and party once in a while,” says the actor, adding that one of her best gifts this year has been her film’s release on the eve of her birthday. The actor has plans to have a muted get-together sometime later, but only if the rest of the cast of her latest film doesn’t surprise her first. “They are quite a pampering lot,” she says.
As for her other birthday plans through the day, the actor reveals that she has nothing planned as of now. “It’s all the people around who make it special for me. I usually like to spend a quiet day, unless I’m working. And no, I don’t mind working on a birthday!” she smiles.
This time around, two of Kat’s sisters are expected to fly down from the UK to join their elder sis and Kat’s excited about spending it with them. “I don’t believe in retrospecting about my life on my birthday as such, just count my blessings and thank God for them,” she shares. But she doesn’t rule out spending the day having some girlie fun.
However, not many are aware that the actor — like her good friend actor Salman Khan — also indulges in charity on the day, even though she may not spend a day with any NGO. And what’s on her birthday wish list? “Well, I’m happy with the way things are and with everything God’s given me. So, I really don’t know what to ask for?” Love? “I’m, sure God knows of that wish already!” she smiles.


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